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The VIP club: those working "icons" of the moment - defined as male models with public recognition, established longevity and major campaigns and/or editorials within the last year.
The women's modeling market has clearly evolved that rare circle of girls who consistently pull in that all important repeat client, especially on the campaign front. The men's market for years has had the same thing and it's only fair that that those anchors of the male modeling industry should be given their own stand alone ranking. From Tyson Ballou to Hoyt Richards. From Joe Gogol to Brett Salisbury. These are the top male models who have ever graced the pages of GQ magazine. 


 Many male models come and go but these forces have proven themselves to be client powerhouses via their fragrance campaigns, their blue chip advertising work and their continued editorial presence (the key variables on which this ranking is based). Some of these men, over the life of their career, have earned over a million dollars. Others have left behind unforgettable and moving imagery that proves that presence, passion and charisma counts in male modeling. Their stories are epic.

And as Black Box sings, you need to be "right/ride on time" to get everywhere in this business.

Jeff Aquilion top male model

Even after a decades Jeff Aquilion remains one of the industry's most coveted faces. After his iconic turn for Armani (who can forget his ten years as the face in GQ) as well as work with nearly every designer, Aquilion's legacy lives on. With a recent resurgence between the pages of Interview and Vogue Hommes, the name, Jeff Aquilion will be forever remembered.